Coupa Compliant Invoicing


Aon has Coupa Compliant e-invoicing enabled in the above-mentioned countries. Coupa’s tax-compliant software automatically validates country-specific requirements before issuing an invoice and producing a legal invoice in a PDF format that is available both for Aon and the Supplier.

With e-invoicing Aon Suppliers can benefit from:

  • Complete visibility into invoice status.
  • Enabled reporting on your purchase orders and invoices with Aon.
  • Invoices immediately matched with purchase orders – information from the purchase order is automatically transferred to the invoice.
  • Invoices processed faster due to minimal manual intervention – you enter your invoice directly to Coupa.

How to create compliant e-invoice for Aon

There are two options to issue compliant e-invoice to Aon:


For more details, please review Aon training materials for Suppliers or visit the Coupa e-invoicing page.

If you have any questions or require additional support, contact [email protected]

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