Building Sustained Cyber Resilience
We help clients manage their full cyber risk lifecycle, with the goal of building and maintaining sustained cyber resilience. Our holistic cyber offerings help clients identify, assess, mitigate and transfer cyber risk and quickly recover from attacks. At every stage of this journey, we act as a trusted advisor, helping unite stakeholders to make better decisions, and ultimately better safeguard balance sheets.
Cyber Impact Analysis

Aon’s Cyber Impact Analysis helps to evaluate an organisation’s risk exposure through the financial quantification of relevant cyber scenarios.

Cyber Quotient Evaluation (CyQu)
The Cyber Quotient Evaluation (CyQu) is Aon’s proprietary eSubmission platform that helps clients identify, measure and manage their cyber risk exposure.

CyberScan is a full-stack, cloud-based vulnerability management solution that scans networks, applications and APIs for known security issues.

Cyber Insurance
Cyber insurance provides coverage to protect against financial risks posed by cyber security threats.

Cyber Claims Preparation and Advocacy
Our dedicated team of advocates help optimise claim recovery outcomes to get capital back sooner.

Incident Response
Cyber incident response services enable organizations to quickly contain and remediate the damage caused by cyber security incidents.

Michael Parrant

Director & Cyber Practice Leader

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