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Aon Property Laser: An Innovative Approach to TCOR Management


Reducing your organization’s property total cost of risk (TCOR) is fundamental to its operational resiliency and its financial bottom line. Aon Property Laser is a unique property and business interruption risk management methodology that incorporates leading-edge diagnostic and analytical tools to quantify your risk exposure. By identifying and analyzing key property performance indicators, Aon Property Laser enables you to improve your risk profile while also making your insurance policy work more effectively should you sustain a loss. Aon property experts can benchmark your pre-loss and post-loss risk management practices, activities and results to help you assess and optimize your property risk profile.

What is Aon Property Laser

  • An advanced approach to your pre- and post- loss property profile using analytics and industry benchmarking.
  • Identifies and prioritizes risk mitigation opportunities.
  • Identifies and helps prioritize areas for improvement in your property program.
  • An approach that integrates the combined expertise of Aon’s property risk network, from broking to risk consulting to catastrophe modeling, engineering and claims management.
  • Quantified impact from a multi-disciplinary, integrated approach to risk.

Driving Property Program Value

Aon Property Laser is an end-to-end property risk tool that enables risk managers to proactively quantify and benchmark key property risk indicators to drive program optimization and deliver measurable economic value. Beginning with our proprietary, online Laser assessment, Aon provides a dynamic process for evaluating property exposures, as well as all related risk management activities, and driving continuous improvement across an organization’s entire property program.

Three Key Phases

  1. Discover
    a.  Aon’s Property Laser Survey Tool evaluates program performance and creates a prescriptive dialogue to evaluate TCOR.
  2. Develop & Deliver
    a.  Quantifying the risk & prioritizing resources.
  3. Review
    a.  Aon Property 360 keeps your program on track.

Improve your underwriting submission.

Aon Property Laser can help focus efforts to develop and provide necessary and relevant data to the property markets. A TCOR strategy that leverages Aon Property Laser can have direct, quantifiable results, including more precise capital expenditures, reduced property risk consulting/engineering costs, potential reduced insurance premium costs, and a complete and accurate understanding of your entire program to clarify actual asset valuations, loss expectancy drivers, and accurate retentions that reflect the state of your business.

The Fourteen Key Performance Indicators of Aon’s Property Laser

Building on decades of industry leadership in all areas of property insurance brokerage, risk management consulting, and claim services, Aon Property Laser is a dynamic tool for assessing, measuring, strengthening and continuously improving the 14 critical elements that comprise an enterprise’s property TCOR, as seen below.

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