Project Solutions

Project Solutions


Our Project Solutions team consolidates insurance coverage on large projects into one program negotiated, purchased and managed by a single sponsor such as the owner (Owner-Controlled Insurance Program) or the contractor (Contractor-Controlled Insurance Program).

Aon Construction & Infrastructure is the leader in construction project wrap-ups and our team of project solutions professionals are your dedicated partners, focusing solely on designing and implementing successful wrap-up programs that offer superior protection, cost savings and increased revenue. We offer services specifically tailored for contractors and project owners, including:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Program Design
  • Insurance Marketing
  • Training and Product Orientation
  • Risk Control
  • Claims Administration

Aon has more collective construction project and wrap-up experience than any other broker in the world. For contractors and project owners, our wrap-up services offer a turn-key insurance solution that relieves many insurance-related administrative burdens. Claims handling is streamlined and managing coverage across multiple stakeholders is simplified. When you work with Aon’s wrap-up team, we will:

  • Create the manual
  • Provide enrollment education to the participants
  • Enroll the participants
  • Gather participant data, certificates, coverage support
  • Determine participant insurance credits
  • Support and document the entire process
  • Maintain data on enrolled participants
  • Assist with claims and safety
  • Provide reports on the health of the program and participation throughout the process