2016 Technology and Communications Industry Report

With the rapid changing market conditions, technology and communications companies are facing a host of increasingly complex challenges: weak, volatile and uneven global economic recovery, tougher anti-monopoly rules, competition from foreign suppliers of basic communications services, rapidly changing technology all of which could potentially affect corporate profitability and, for some, survival. The 2016 Technology and Communications Industry Report, has shed insights on existing and new risks.

Key Findings

  • Increasing competition, ranked as the number one risk, presents an acute challenge
  • Cyber risk has jumped from number eight in Aon's 2013 survey to number five this year
  • Board/senior management involvement in the risk management processes is cited as the method most often used to identify major risks
  • Half of the surveyed multinational companies control all of their global and local insurance programs at their corporate headquarters

2016 Technology and Communications Industry Report

The report provides comprehensive data that allows technology and communications companies to benchmark their risk management and risk financing practices against their peers. Additionally, this report will help companies identify practices or approaches that may improve the effectiveness of their own risk management strategies.


For additional information contact Eric Boyum, Aon Risk Solutions Technology and Communications Practice Leader.

Download the report – 2016 Technology and Communications Industry Report

View the infographic – 2016 Technology and Communications Industry Report Infographic

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