Zika, Ebola and Other Events – Infectious Disease Response Site

Zika, Ebola and Other Events – Infectious Disease Response Site

The Infectious Disease Response Site is designed as an online resource for clients and industry peers to access information and insight on risk exposures and human capital (duty of care) concerns emanating from an infectious disease event or outbreak. Organizations should consider strategies to prepare and safeguard their employees and businesses by reviewing their insurance policies for coverage provisions relating to Zika, Ebola/hemorrhagic virus or other infectious disease event. This review should be comprehensive of business contingency risks, such as supply chain risk, business continuity, and operations, as well as duty of care exposures, such as absenteeism and succession planning.

We also encourage organizations to seek guidance from health agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as local government entities for a comprehensive and timely view of the current situations as well as information about the nature and characteristics of the virus itself.

Infectious disease, by its very epidemiology, is an evolving topic. As such, this site will be refreshed periodically to capture new information and provide deeper insights into areas of focus for our clients. You may Submit a Question (at right) if you have specific inquiries on exposures or preparation guidance, and an Aon representative will follow up with you. Of course, you may reach out directly to your Aon account representative.

Zika Response

Ebola Response

Please see below for resources and information that directly addresses risk exposures and human capital concerns as they relate to Ebola.

Disclaimer: This Ebola Response Site has been provided as an informational resource for Aon clients and business partners. It is intended to provide general guidance on potential exposures, and is not intended to provide medical advice or address medical concerns or specific risk circumstances. Due to the dynamic nature of Ebola, and infectious disease in general, Aon cannot be held liable for the guidance provided. We strongly encourage visitors to seek additional safety, medical and epidemiologic information from credible sources such as the CDC and WHO. As regards insurance coverage questions, whether coverage applies or a policy will respond to any risk or circumstance is subject to the specific terms and conditions of the insurance policies and contracts at issue and underwriter determinations.

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