Market Relationships

Market Relationships

Serving clients in a transparent manner has been a longstanding practice at Aon. Aon's commitment to greater transparency – to always putting our clients' best interests first – ensures success for all of us.

This site contains information and links to assist our clients in understanding the types of investments and business arrangements Aon plc or its affiliates may have with insurance carriers or reinsurers that may have been approached to propose quotes on your insurance or reinsurance programs.

Maintaining client confidentiality
Aon, and its divisions, take client confidentiality extremely seriously and recognize the importance of maintaining confidentiality around clients' strategic intentions. Throughout all client engagements, confidentiality is maintained through strict operating protocols, data firewalls and audit programs, examples of which include:

  • Client specific data is never shared without approval from the client
  • Information that is proprietary to Aon is presented on an anonymous and aggregated basis
  • Under no circumstances will Aon provide any information to a carrier or reinsurer which would constitute a violation of competition laws

Carriers and Reinsurers in which Aon has an Ownership Interest
Aon plc and its affiliates ("Aon") from time to time invest in insurance and reinsurance companies and seek an appropriate return on their investments as such. These investments for which Aon is generally at-risk for potential price loss range from equity investments to loan transactions. The gains or losses made through such investments potentially could be linked, in part, to the results of treaties or policies transacted with Aon clients. 

Retrocessional Placements
Aon places retrocessional coverage on behalf of many reinsurance companies. We typically do so through specialist retrocessional brokers. We maintain appropriate firewalls between brokers placing reinsurance protection for our insurance company clients and the retrocessional brokers. Proprietary client information does not flow from one team to the other.

Aon Securities
Aon Securities LLC and Aon Securities Limited (collectively “Aon Securities”)provide insurance and reinsurance clients with a full suite of insurance-linked securities (“ILS”) products, debt and equity securities products and corporate finance advisory services. ILS products include catastrophe bonds, contingent capital, sidecars, and other collateralized products. Debt and equity securities products include the placement of both public and privately placed securities and corporate finance products include M&A advisory services and establishment of new companies. On occasion employees from other Aon affiliates are asked to assist Aon Securities on those M&A transactions, and also on occasion the other party to the M&A transaction is a client of another Aon affiliate.

Advisory, Software and Administrative Services:

Aon Inpoint
Aon Inpoint is a consulting and solutions services firm uniquely dedicated to working with insurance and reinsurance companies to improve their performance.

Aon Inpoint conducts studies for reinsurers as well as insurers. Aon Inpoint will not conduct studies for reinsurers if to do so is potentially detrimental to the best interests of Aon clients. When conducting studies for reinsurers strict protocols are in place to confirm that Aon will at all times act in the best interests of Aon clients.

Aon Inpoint since 2010, has conducted studies or is conducting studies for a number of reinsurers.

Impact Forecasting, Aon's catastrophe model development centre of excellence, provides a customised and transparent view of insurers and reinsurers' risks which we believe allows them to provide better programmes to their clients through an enhanced view of risk.

ReMetrica, Aon's capital modelling tool, enables insurers and reinsurers to model effective financial strategies for their businesses. The tool enhances capital management which in turn creates more scope for innovative products for cedent company clients.

As a leader in electronic accounting and settlement, Aon has relationships with select reinsurers to enable a more efficient and accurate settlement procedure. The firm has also made investments in electronic placement platforms, which provide reinsurers with opportunities to implement efficient trading solutions.

Aon's strategic advisory service, Re/View, draws on the firm's proprietary database to provide anonymised analysis and benchmarking to reinsurers. Re/View helps reinsurers to more effectively meet the needs of ceding company clients through the development of more competitive, innovative and efficient risk transfer options.

Data Use In Re/View:
Re/View's guiding principles towards data usage are as follows:

  • No underlying pricing, limit, attachment data
  • No underlying property information, no counts, Total Insured Values, geographic distributions
  • No information about profitability of underlying business
  • No information related to underwriting appetite, class of business
  • No loss information related to primary company experience nor reinsurer experience will be reported in Re/View

Re/View will only report on aggregated and anonymized ceded premium and reinsurance limit and reinsurance attachment information segmented by various geographic, line of business and product. Aon has offered Re/View to reinsurers since September 2014.

Aon provides Advisory, Software and/or Administrative Services to certain reinsurers.

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