Aon Delegated Investment Services

Aon Delegated Investment Services brings together the best of Aon's investment expertise, to position trust-based schemes for investment success and to drive better outcomes. It does this by providing pension schemes with strong governance structures; a broader range of investment options; and greater access to investment expertise than trustees normally have time to provide.

Trustees work with Aon's pensions investment experts to develop their investment strategy, set their scheme objectives, and determine a glide path to meet those objectives. Aon implements this strategy on behalf of trustees, working with our experienced delegated investment teams to deliver that strategy efficiently.

We provide:

  • Strategy design and construction; (For Defined Benefit plans this includes Asset Liability modelling and flightpath design. For Defined Contribution plans, we design default fund strategy, alternative lifestyle strategies, and a range of self-select funds);
  • Asset allocation decisions within strategies;
  • Fund manager selection, transition and monitoring;
  • Comprehensive investment reporting and fund factsheets; and
  • Governance review and documentation.

All delivered with:

  • Transparent, competitive investment fees, and
  • Market-competitive charges for the services.

Aon Solutions Ireland Limited trading as Aon is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Registered in Ireland No. 356441 | Registered office: Block D | Iveagh Court | Harcourt Road | Dublin 2 | Ireland.

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