Aon's Employee Benefits Technology

Our award-winning proprietary benefits technology is the ultimate benefits platform. Revolutionising the way benefits are managed throughout the world, Aon’s benefit technology is a single benefits platform the enables us to deliver the following value for our clients;

  • Employer portal with benefits live benefits reporting functionality
  • Employee portal that drives better engagement, understanding and appreciation of your benefits and rewards
  • Benchmarking from a database of over 900 corporate benefit plans
  • E-procurement that supports our clients’ objectives based benefits provider RFP process

Why Aon’s Benefits Technology?

  • Access all benefits in one place – web enabled, responsive and tablet compatible
  • Provide employees with an intuitive, enhanced experience; enrolling, selecting and managing their benefits choices across all core, flexible and voluntary benefits as well as incorporating total reward statements
  • Effectively outsource and streamline your benefits administration (enrolment, provider reporting, payroll/HRIS interface and monthly administration/employee helpdesk)
  • Fully customisable to reflect your brand, benefits structure and corporate messaging
  • Fully secure site that is personalised for each employee

Our benefits technology has been designed to be a fully tailored solution for employers. You choose the benefits you want and we plug them in to create a completely secure, flexible and unique platform for your organisation. The site is bespoke to your benefits structure; is brand compatible and your functionality can grow and develop as your benefits strategy evolves. In addition, the reporting functionality means you can keep track of staff engagement and usage statistics, meaning you see return on investment on the benefits you offer to staff. Our solution also enables our clients to fully outsource their benefits administration processes.

We also provide benchmarking so you can compare the performance of your employee benefits package against others, governance, and e-broking to ensure you‘re getting a consistent, transparent and competitive market review regularly.

To be part of the growing number of clients benefiting from this revolutionary technology, contact us today for a demo by emailing or call our team on +353 1266 6000.

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