Property and Business Interruption Insurance

Property and Business Interruption Insurance

Property Insurance

Many organisations question the risks in their existing property programme such as adequate capacities and being underinsured. Is there a better way to manage the organisation's assets, balance sheet, and growth while reducing high premium costs? Aon s property risk management specialist can be trusted to provide the answers. As the world's No.1 risk broker, you are assured of the best available property risk insurance rates and terms because of our first-tier access to global markets and excellent relationships with underwriters. Often, we are willing to take on challenges that other firms decline.

Our property risk management specialists can be trusted to provide real alternatives in managing exposures, be it through physical asset protection, business continuity planning and balance sheet protection.  It is our mission to help our clients achieve their goals around these strategic areas.

Business Interruption

Consider the worst - a fire destroys your workshop, a thief steals your office computer, or a flood ruins your inventory. While property insurance covers the cost of replacing your building, equipment or materials, how do you maintain your business in the meantime? Business Interruption insurance helps you get your business up and running again, in the shortest time possible.

Business Interruption insurance supports you when your business cannot operate as a result of a covered loss. It can pay your fixed expenses - utilities, rents and even employee wages - and can include cover against your loss of gross profit.

Business Interruption insurance can also include extra expense coverage, to help you pay for the extra costs of getting operational again, such as employee overtime or relocation to a temporary site. The coverage you need depends on the kind of business you operate.

Why choose Aon?

By combining our experience, client advocacy philosophy, broking capabilities, technical expertise, and comprehensive understanding of your exposures we can accurately analyse your risks and then deliver the best opportunities to meet your business goals and reduce your costs.  Policy wordings can be customised to ensure your programme is fit for purpose.



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