Aon Environmental Risk Management


Most companies are subject to the costs and liabilities of environmental exposures, even those that are not directly involved with hazardous materials. Risk managers in virtually every industry must be proactive in managing environmental risk issues to stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities.

Aon's environmental specialists can analyse, quantify, mitigate, and transfer your company's risks to give you coverage tailored to protect and benefit your business. Analysis of your potential exposure to environmental risk can identify at-risk operations, liabilities related to purchase or sale, compliance with regulations and potential remediation. Aon uses its significant expertise and market leverage to develop distinctive solutions for environmental risks including Pollution Legal Liability, Contractors Pollution Liability and Underground Storage Tank Liability.

Why choose Aon?

  • Aon takes a collaborative approach with our clients to identify and analyse exposures, risks and potential insurance including proposed structures, or alternative solutions
  • Aon works with our clients to obtain relevant, necessary and favourable underwriting information to present to markets
  • Aon puts our vast knowledge of market conditions and trends to work on behalf of each client, negotiating favourable terms and conditions with top tier carriers
  • Aon utilises proven and sophisticated negotiation strategies to finalise placements that meet collaboratively established goals.


Contact Aon's Environmental Specialists:

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Director Global & Specialty Division
Commercial Risk Solutions
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Tel: +353 1 266 6421