Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

In todays global environment, financial institutions face increasingly complex challenges including: regulatory scrutiny of risk and capital ratios, examination of business practices that impact consumers or corporate clients, sustained economic pressure and rising litigation. Meanwhile, technology failures and the constant threat of data breach from cyber-attacks are of increasing concern.

The stakes for organisations are high. It has never been more critical for businesses to access accurate and up-to-date intelligence, and proactively address business risk at every level of the organisation. 

Understanding and managing risk is increasingly a critical success factor for financial institutions. Aons goal is to help clients recognise risks associated with the current environment, regulatory requirements and insurance implications, and to leverage their understanding of these risks to drive better business decisions.

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Aon can provide you with seamless service around the world. Our dedicated Financial and Insurance Institutions specialists bring industry knowledge in banking, insurance companies, asset management, and real estate; and product expertise in Executive Risk, Property & Casualty, Financial & Litigation, Environmental, Technology, Benefits, Security, Privacy, Technology E&O and Enterprise Risk Management.


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