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Cyber risk has become a leading issue for many organisations as awareness of cloud computing, social media, corporate Bring Your Own Device policies, big data, and state-sponsored espionage has grown, especially in light of the recent malicious cyber-attacks experienced by companies across the EU. In an increasingly punitive legal and regulatory environment, and in the face of more frequent contractual insurance requirements specifying cyber liability, forward-thinking companies are taking proactive steps to explore and transfer cyber risk.


Prepare for the Expected. Safeguarding Value in the Era of Cyber Risk.

The costs and consequences of a cyber-attack are rapidly intensifying. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ your organisation will suffer. Aon’s Cyber Solutions has produced a Cyber Report part of our C-Suite Series in partnership with the Financial Times.

This report gathers insights from CISO’s, Information Security and Risk Management professionals across various industries in Europe to understand how the cyber threat is evolving and how the C-Suite’s journey towards cyber resilience must evolve with it.
Download the report today from the Aon C-Suite Series website.

"My advice to firms looking to improve their cyber risk management strategies would be: don't underestimate the impact on your business. It will happen to everyone to a degree, so don't disregard this as something that happens to other people. Every board, every business has to proceed on the basis of, ‘It will happen to us."

Andrew Darwin,Global co-chairman and senior partner, DLA Piper


If you have visibility into your vulnerabilities, you can mitigate and transfer the risk.
Cyber Quotient Evaluation from Aon (CyQu), an online cyber is a risk assessment tool developed to help you to make achievable cyber decisions using leading data analytics.
In about 90 minutes or less CyQu can help your organisation to:

  • Gain instant visibility into your cyber risk posture
  • Understand how you compare to industry peers
  • Identify quick wins to strengthen your security
  • Obtain clear, actionable strategies for remediation
  • Align security functions across your organisation
Download our CyQu information sheet for more information.

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