Retirement Consultancy

At Aon, we are proud to be home to some of the pension industry’s most talented, creative and experienced consultants, whose expertise and insights are reserved exclusively for the benefit of our clients.

Our retirement consultants can help ensure your company's programs are secure, equitable and sustainable. Our clients trust us with their retirement plans, because we are a recognised global leader in every aspect of plan management. Our retirement solutions are renowned as "best in class" and our retirement consultants will help you design a strategy for effective and efficient plan management.

At Aon, we adopt a “hands on” approach to scheme management. Our structured servicing method results in greater accountability and consistency in the delivery of an accurate, timely and professional service to clients.

Service Delivery

We provide a service which is all embracing, rather than segmented, covering all aspects of scheme management. Our service delivery model has clearly defined processes that are delivered in a proactive and structured way.

Plan Review and Design

We provide data, benchmarking tools and deep expertise to help you tease out your objectives and design the most appropriate retirement scheme for your company and your members.

Trustee Secretarial and Governance

We provide full Trustee Secretarial and Governance support. We can help you review your governance structure, procedures and relationships in order to ensure you have the appropriate systems in place. We can also assist you with risk assessments, managing conflicts, the delegation of duties and the monitoring of delegated authorities.

Scheme Set-up

Our dedicated team can advise you on the options available to you and help with implementing any new scheme effectively and efficiently.

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