Clients can expect effective support across the whole claims process, helping them manage the claim, obtain swift settlement and enabling them to continue with their business as quickly as possible.

Within the Power team, we manage many diverse claims per year ranging from on and offshore wind projects to solar, hydro, gas and coal fired power stations. We have assisted clients with their claims throughout the UK, Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Australasia.

Our involvement begins prior to any claim being advised. We are able to assist in producing tailored claims procedures, liaising with all experts and claims agreement parties to ensure when a claim does happen the process is efficient.

Aon can also provide targeted support to resolve individual claims. This is crucial in the power sector as claims can take a long time to settle due to their size and complexity.

The primary objective of Aon in these areas is simple: we aim to protect our clients’ interests in the preparation and management of claims no matter how small or large, and to help them to achieve the fastest and most advantageous claims outcomes.

Aon Co-ordinates the full process


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