What Every Company Needs to Know about Intellectual Property Risk

In the last 40 years, the global economy has undergone a value rotation from tangible to intangible assets, with intangibles now estimated to comprise 84% of value or roughly $20 trillion of the S&P 500 alone in 2018. As the primary drivers of enterprise value, intangibles in the form of intellectual property have drastically impacted the business risk landscape.

With new threats emerging as competitors look to increase market share, board members, c-suite, and legal, intellectual property, and risk management professionals need to be aware of the key business drivers of intellectual property enterprise value and intellectual property risk.

Download Aon’s Intellectual Property — Risk Landscape to learn about considerations for every organization as they develop a strategy to protect these critical assets and grow enterprise value. This white paper discusses:

  • Strategy: Risks arising from business strategies, including M&A
  • Valuation: Risks arising from asymmetric knowledge of intellectual property value
  • Risk: Tools and best practices to help properly protect your business’ intangible assets from threats, including intellectual property liability, Theft of Trade Secret, and source code misappropriation

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