Intangible Assets Strategy, Capital Markets and Risk Management

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A patented invention has a 50% higher return than the same unpatented invention.1 Intellectual property rights are rapidly becoming a key basis of wealth and “... wealth is not a thing. It’s an act. Wealth is the commodification of an act of exclusion — an act we call property rights.”2

Intellectual property rights can protect intellectual capital, your most valuable asset. However, IP and digital risks pose a threat not only to your intellectual capital but also to your financial success. It is imperative that C-suite decision makers act to manage their assets appropriately.3

The Financial Statement Impact of Intellectual Property & Cyber Assets: 2020 Aon-Ponemon Global Report conducted independently by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Aon is aimed at helping organizations build a strategic, data and analytics-based risk management process to mitigate financial statement losses and amplify gains of intangible assets.

Findings & Insights

How does your company allocate risk management resources between tangible and intangible assets? The Ponemon research finds that organizations of all sizes, industries and geographies increasingly recognize the enhanced value of intangible assets, including digital and intellectual property. Is your firm prepared to handle related cyber liability and intellectual property risks? 88% and 84% of respondents, respectively, ranked such exposures as top 10 risks facing companies.

Read the Financial Statement Impact of Intellectual Property & Cyber Assets: 2020 Aon-Ponemon Global report to learn more

"IP is more important than ever as businesses recognize a paradigm shift from tangible to intangible assets... While protection is core to any IP strategy, it can also have a significant capital value for any enterprise." Greg Case, CEO, Aon

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Financial Impact of Intellectual Property & Cyber Assets Report