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Why we collect, use and disclose personal information


Collecting personal information about you is essential to our being able to provide the products and services that best meet your needs (including individuals associated with you, all of whom we refer to as “you” in this Privacy Policy). While the personal information we collect may come directly from you, it may also be provided by our affiliates or other third parties (such as employers, financial institutions, government, search agencies).

Personal information may be used for the following purposes that are integral to our services:

  • Performing professional consultancy and advisory services for you
  • Administering our client engagements including “Know Your Client” checks and screening, client Communication service, billing and administration, client complaints, and managing workflow internally
  • Contacting our clients in relation to current, future and proposed engagements
  • Sending our clients newsletters, know-how, promotional material and other marketing communications
  • Inviting our clients to events (and arranging and administering those events)
  • Improving the content of our website to ensure it is suitable to your needs; and that
  • Measuring the effectiveness of our marketing activities
  • For fraud detection and prevention
  • Other purposes disclosed in our terms of business or disclosed to you at the time of collection, use or disclosure

Personal information may also be used for additional purposes including:

  • Analytics
  • To develop proprietary tools and databases
  • To comply with legal, audit, security and regulatory requirements
  • Assisting with the procurement and sale of third party software solutions on your behalf

What information we collect


Depending on the products or services we provide, we may collect information that you, or other third parties such as your employer, provide on applications for products and services. Information that we collect may include:

  • Basic personal details (name, address)
  • Unique personal identifiers
  • Online identifier
  • Internet Protocol address
  • Email address, account name,
  • Commercial information
  • Biometric information
  • Internet or other similar network usage activity
  • Geolocation data
  • Sensory data
  • Professional or employment-related information
  • Inferences drawn from other personal information
  • We may also automatically collect information through our marketing programs through the use of cookies, beacons and other technologies that track how you use our website and marketing communications.

Consent to use personal information


We may obtain your express consent or we may determine that consent has been implied by the circumstances. Express consent can be verbal (in person or over the telephone), written or by electronic application (including email). Implied consent occurs when we can assume you have given consent by some other action you take or decide not to take. For example, if you request a specific product or service and provide us personal information in that regard, we infer that you consent to us using that personal information reasonably to provide this service.

If you need to provide personal information about other individuals (such as employees, dependents, etc.), you must obtain their consent for these purposes prior to your disclosure to us.

When you request services from us, we ask that you provide information that enables us to respond to your request. In doing so, you consent to our collection, use and disclosure to appropriate third parties of such personal information for these purposes. You also authorize us to use and retain this personal information for as long as it may be required for the purposes described above. Your consent remains valid even after the termination of our relationship with you, unless you provide us with written notice that such consent is withdrawn. You should note that by withdrawing your consent, or not providing it in the first place, you may limit or even prevent us from being able to provide you or an authorized third party (such as an employer) with the products or services desired.

In certain circumstances, refusing to provide personal information or withdrawing consent will mean that you will not be entitled receive the benefit of services. Additionally, in certain circumstances we will not need to obtain consent or explain the purposes for the collection, use or disclosure of personal information. For example, this exception would apply if there is an emergency that threatens the life, health or security of an individual, for fraud detection or prevention, or if we must comply with a court order.


Sharing personal information with others


Aon only discloses personal information as is required and described in this Policy or as otherwise required by law. In providing our services, we may need to disclose the personal information we collect to affiliates, subsidiaries, successors and other service providers or agents who perform various functions for us. Such parties may be located in Canada, or in other jurisdictions outside of Canada. Where information is collected in Quebec such parties to which we disclose personal information may be located in Quebec or in other jurisdictions outside of Quebec. While your personal information is always subject to confidentiality obligations, while stored in another jurisdiction, it may be subject to the laws of that jurisdiction. As a result the information may be accessed by the courts, government, law enforcement, and regulatory authorities of that country.

Aon develops and uses proprietary platforms and databases to gather, store and use information about pension plans and participants in the plans. Aon uses and combines this information and other information collected from Aon’s clients and other individuals for the purposes of developing Aon’s products and services and Aon’s relationship with you and its clients (for example: benchmarking, market research, data analysis, and marketing of products and services that may be of interest to you and Aon’s clients) as well as for other purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

As Aon continues to develop and grow, we may buy or sell parts of a business. As our businesses consist primarily of client relationships, information regarding the particular accounts or services being purchased or sold could include personal information and be one of the transferred business assets. We may also use this personal information to assess your future needs and to offer the products and services that may best meet those needs, from ourselves, our affiliates or reputable organizations selected by us. If you do not wish to receive these offers or such information, please contact our Privacy Officer as outlined in the Contact Information section.

Last Updated: September 22, 2023

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