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Aon Risk Solutions is Canada’s leading insurance brokerage and risk management firm. Our teams deliver the best customized and innovative risk solutions to drive measurable value through unmatched tools and capabilities.

Aon’s structure is designed to help you address two of the most important issues in our economy today: risk and people.

By combining forces and aligning capabilities with industry-leading human resource consulting and outsourcing solutions, and a reinsurance brokerage and full-service capital advisor, we bring together experts who help you respond to your company’s complex talent and financial goals.

Focused insurance solutions

Our teams deliver the best customized and innovative risk solutions to drive measurable value through unmatched tools and capabilities. Our risk management solutions are developed with the full range of Aon's expertise in identifying your business' unique risks.

Global risk consulting

Aon Global Risk Consulting (AGRC) is the world's leading risk consulting organization. With risk consultants around the world, we have the experience to recognize the unique challenges and opportunities you face. AGRC provides you with comprehensive and tailored solutions through a consistent global approach by a panel of industry experts, specializing in diverse disciplines. We perform to your metrics, not our own.

Group and individual insurance solutions

With the vast number of personal insurance products being offered today, it is impossible for the typical consumer to stay up-to-date on what is available to meet their insurance needs. Aon provides individuals, as well as the members of organizations, with greater flexibility and leveraged buying power for property & casualty insurance.

Large corporate risk management

Aon's risk solutions team has extensive experience delivering customized and innovative risk management solutions. Our capabilities span many industries, and our reputations as capable advisers in the unique risk management concerns that affect large businesses has positioned Aon at the forefront of a complex and dynamic industry.

Small business insurance solutions

Operating a small business is a challenging venture at any time, but in these tough economic times, any financial loss can be a serious threat. Aon offers a variety of small business insurance solutions to help offset the risks you face.

Industry-specific risk management

New risks continue to emerge for companies in every sector as a result of regulatory changes and an increasing global business environment. Issues supply chain risk management, security, and global warming contamination can have financially devastating effects if not properly identified and addressed. Our local teams have the experience and negotiating power to help you understand, quantify and mitigate your risk.

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