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Financial Risk and Insurance Risk Management

Financial Risk and Insurance Risk Management

In the financial and insurance services sector, there’s great potential for risk, be it operational, legal and regulatory, financial, information, strategic or personnel. How can you understand the trends and anticipate the impact of change? Financial risk and insurance risk management services support and mitigate these complexities.

Specialized financial risk and insurance risk management for financial and insurance institutions

Aon invests in the latest tools and analytics to understand, forecast and address your emerging financial and insurance risks. Our flexible and creative financial risk management strategy will address and adapt to your changing global and local needs.

Aon’s value-driven approach to financial and insurance risk

Aon starts by investigating your exposures, claims and programs to identify your key financial and insurance risks and policy needs. Using innovative, proprietary risk modeling and analytic tools, we measure your exposure and plan an insurance mitigation strategy. We also consider your risk appetite, identify potential risk scenarios and select appropriate enterprise level risk response solutions, before defining metrics and implementing monitoring tools. We then continually evaluate the effectiveness of our solution.

Why Aon financial and insurance institutions?

Our network can provide you with seamless service around the world. Our dedicated financial and insurance institutions experts bring industry knowledge in banking, insurance companies, asset management, and real estate; and product expertise in executive risk, property and casualty, financial and litigation, environmental, technology, benefits, security, privacy, media liability, technology errors and ommissions, and enterprise risk management.

It’s no wonder Aon is the leading financial and insurance institutions risk broker. Our clients include

  • 94 % of top 50 global banks
  • 100 % of top 10 global insurers
  • 100 % of top 10 property and casualty insurers
  • 90 % of top 10 life and health insurers
  • 50 % of the top 10 asset managers

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