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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Getting the Most Value from Intangible Assets

$19 trillion, or nearly 85% of the value of the S&P 500 is represented by intangible assets. Investment in intellectual property (IP) has changed the global landscape. Yet many companies have been slow to adopt new approaches to managing and valuing their intellectual property portfolios in a way that fully captures value.

No matter your role or size of organization, effective management of your intangible assets can have wide-ranging impact throughout your organization.

IP Assets in a Distressed Market

Your intellectual property can be a critical asset in addressing crisis-driven objectives. In recessionary times, IP assets tend to retain value and lead in value creation as businesses innovate to gain market share. They can also be vulnerable in such a climate, with the past two recessions seeing a growth in patent litigation ahead of economic recovery.

Improve Cashflow
Improve Cashflow

Increase Liquidity
Increase Liquidity

Protect your Balance Sheet
Protect your Balance Sheet

Reshape the Future
Reshape the Future

Learn more about leveraging and protecting your intellectual property in today’s market.

Intellectual Property Strategy

Use innovation to build enterprise value and improve performance through IP analysis, modeling and strategy initiatives. Whether your firm is anticipating acquisition activity, raising capital, preparing for an IPO or evaluating other market-driven events, we develop value capture programs designed to optimize your IP’s contribution to the event’s success. We go beyond looking at the legal frameworks to align current and future intellectual property assets with a business’s overarching strategy.

Intellectual Property Valuation

The assessment and valuation of your intellectual property portfolio can support a variety of capital management efforts, including IP-backed financing, risk transfer strategies, and IP asset monetization strategies.

IP-Backed Lending

When supported by insurance, business owners can leverage their intangible assets as collateral and avoid diluting equity. Understanding how to assess the value of the asset accurately is key. Using our proprietary analytics platform, Aon provides a unique and integrated offering to accurately assess, value, and protect collateral assets to maximize potential capital for borrowers.

Intellectual Property Liability Insurance

Mitigate, transfer and recover from intellectual property losses

Protect your organization from liabilities, contractual issues and other losses resulting from wide-ranging risks. This includes allegations of intellectual property infringement such as patent, copyright, trademark and other IP infringement claims, intellectual property contractual indemnity matters and misappropriation of trade secrets. Using a data-driven risk model, each client’s risk is analyzed to deliver highly customized pricing and coverage tailored to their specific business requirements.

Risk Assessment

As a first step in improving a client’s approach to intellectual property, we offer competitive individualized assessments of corporate intellectual property risks. These IP risk assessments give you an understanding of your IP risk profile that you can use to make informed decisions about risk transfer options.

Trade Secret Management

Trade secret theft leaves companies exposed to the risk of significant entreprise value loss. Actively managing your trade secrets not only helps your organization protect these critical assets, it also captures their full value. Aon’s Trade Secret Registry is a secure platform that helps maintain your trade secrets’ value, establish your ownership and can decrease your risk of theft and related litigation.

The Aon Advantage

Aon’s Intellectual Property Solutions team helps organizations protect and maximize their most valuable assets – their intellectual property. Aon brings expertise and unique analytical tools to provide a comprehensive approach to intellectual property strategy, valuation, and risk management across a client’s business.

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