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Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Credit insurance offers protection against the unforeseen insolvency or protracted default of your domestic and export trade receivables. It gives you the confidence to take more controlled risks and manage uncertainty more effectively. Credit insurance's value goes beyond risk mitigation and cash flow enhancement. It is a product that can help increase revenue, improve borrowing capacity, generate new sales opportunities, maintain ties with existing customers, and demonstrate sound corporate governance.

With the current economic and global uncertainty, financial security has never been more relevant. Your accounts receivable represents one of your largest and most vulnerable assets, so be sure to protect it with credit insurance.

We can help you

  • Improve your balance sheet by minimizing bad debt losses
  • Sensibly expand your sales beyond your normal risk appetite and increase your ability to compete by offering open account terms locally or even internationally
  • Improve cash flow, bank margining, and borrowing costs
  • Gain insight into your buyers from Canada's top insurers
  • Demonstrate sound corporate governance

Globally, Aon Trade Credit supports more business and multinational programs across more countries than any other trade credit insurance provider. Our team of credit insurance specialists will help identify the needs of your business, gain a competitive advantage, and structure a customized policy to maximize its effectiveness.

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