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Actuarial and Analytics

Actuarial and Analytics

Actuarial and analytics consulting provides organizations the ability to accurately analyze past experience, and to evaluate potential losses which are critical to effectively manage risks. Actuaries evaluate the financial impact of current economic, legal and social trends on future events. Aon actuarial and analytics professionals are known for their methodical approach and arduous standards - applied with creative ingenuity. Our actuarial and analytics consulting abilities span the risk management continuum, from quantitative support for insurance premiums, reserves and dividends to independent consultative statistical calculation for risk financing alternatives.

Analytics to help you reach your goals

  • Efficient management of the cost of risk
  • Appropriate risk transfer methods
  • Understanding the magnitude of risks
  • Information to make sound risk management decisions
  • Analysis of risk financing alternatives
  • Measurement of implemented risk solutions

Actuarial services to help you succeed

  • Historical loss and exposure analysis
  • Loss forecasting
  • Alternative funding comparisons
  • Cost of risk allocation/systems support
  • Research and support studies
  • Theoretical statistical modeling

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