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Aon’s ATA Carnet Bond Program

Aon’s ATA Carnet Bond Program

In partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Aon ATA carnet Bond program offers Canadian organizations and individuals the ability to travel to foreign countries with their goods on a temporary basis without the payment of taxes and duties.

Business travellers can use a single document—an ATA carnet—for most customs transactions. An ATA carnet is similar to an international passport for goods. Once you have completed your Carnet application, you can apply for your Aon Carnet Bond using our self-service online application tool.

What does my ATA Carnet cover?

ATA Carnets cover three main categories of goods:

  • Professional equipment
  • Commercial samples
  • Materials used at trade fairs and exhibitions

Businesses and organizations using ATA Carnets include:

  • Companies or government bodies exhibiting in overseas trade fairs
  • Sales people carrying samples of their wares
  • Canadian entertainers and media broadcasting companies
  • Executives or professionals carrying their own laptops and office equipment
  • Survey or electronic testing crews transporting specialized equipment.
  • Professional athletes travelling with their equipment (sports gear, race cars, show horses etc.)

Why use an ATA Carnet?

  • Simplifies customs procedures. It allows exporters and business professionals to use a single document for most customs transactions and to make arrangements in advance, at a pre-determined cost, in Canadian currency. It also eases exit and re-entry into Canada.
  • Reduces business costs. An ATA Carnet eliminates the need to pay the duties, taxes and security costs required at the time of importation in all countries visited.
  • Saves time and paperwork. You are given an unlimited number of trips, within the ATA Carnet’s one-year window of validity, to any of the countries that are part of the Carnet system without having to re-apply for new documents.

How do I apply for an ATA Carnet?

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