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Mergers and Acquisitions: Aon M&A and Transaction Solutions (AMATS)

Mergers and Acquisitions: Aon M&A and Transaction Solutions (AMATS)

In the current challenging environment, Aon’s M&A and Transaction Solutions is focused on proactively providing practical advice and support to our private equity and corporate clients and their advisors across our transaction risk, insurance, health and people capabilities. We are committed to helping our clients understand the risks that are impacting their deals and financial performance and are pleased to provide guidance and insights.

Our capabilities

We offer an expanded capabilities on either a standalone or bundled basis to help our clients navigate all aspects of significant business transactions:

  • Enhanced due diligence solutions that include risk, human capital, cyber and intellectual property due diligence services.
  • Transaction solutions that address R&W (representation & warranty) insurance, tax insurance, litigation and claims related to transaction liabilities.
  • Intellectual property solutions that include IP strategy solutions, valuation solutions and IP risk solutions.

Bringing our solutions together allows us to offer comprehensive solutions across the full scope of your risk and people challenges.

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