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Driven by financial market complexity, legislative change, and longer life expectancies, the retirement landscape is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. We work with our clients by helping them develop a greater understanding of best practices and offering solutions to minimize risk for employers and maximize value for employees in this evolving environment. We partner with clients to provide a complete approach in developing and supporting retirement programs.

We offer integrated and comprehensive solutions across every aspect of plan management—actuarial, plan administration and investment—to meet your unique needs every step of the way.

We collaborate with our global practices and draw on diverse knowledge, tools and services to help you elevate your programs and manage risk locally and on a broader scale.

Focused on innovation and excellence, our expert colleagues are committed to partnering with you to bring sustainable results across your retirement programs.

Our services and solutions include:

Plan Design

We use our innovative tools combined with deep expertise to customize a retirement program that is designed to unlock full potential for you and your employees’ needs.

Defined Benefit Pension Plans

We want to bridge the gap between now and the future by helping you ensure that your program design, funding options and accounting strategies are aligned with your business objectives.

Pension Risk

We are refining the way you understand, identify and manage risk and return within your programs. We've done the work and offer tools that drive better management.

Our Longevity Model gives you superior understanding of your employees' life expectancies based on location, one of the most reliable predictors of life expectancy, and help you address long-term plan risks. First of its kind in Canada, this tool is in partnership with our Longevity Datapool Service to offer you in-depth mortality and benchmarking data specific to your plan so that you can focus on better managing risk. We recognize good data helps reduce risk and create responsible risk management strategies—we are taking steps to help you wherever we can.

Risk Analyzer combines investment and actuarial expertise that transforms your understanding of how real time market movements impact your funded status and a way to model better future outcomes. This integrated tool pairs data and best-in-class analytics and empowers you for improved decision-making and risk management.

Target Benefit Plans

Sustainable plans, your way. We can help build a plan giving you choices to blend features that maximize sustainability in an ever-changing environment.

International Pensions and Benefits

Our global network of shared knowledge, resources and tools allows us to help you design and execute a successful global strategy, from effective benefits design and global mobility arrangements to the governance of financial and operational decision-making on a local, regional and multinational scale.

Defined Contribution Pension Plans

We know that defined contribution plans represent a more appropriate solution for some employers. With these plans though, there are new risks, so we look at your business standards as well as the needs of your workforce and decide what elements are needed to design a plan that optimizes risk for everyone.


Our global team of consultants focus on helping you make informed investment decisions. What you can expect from us: extensive knowledge, experience and research to build a tailored strategy that balances risk and reward.


We are focused on helping you ensure that you are executing all the important tasks to comply with applicable regulations and to more effectively run your retirement programs. We bring you expertise and experience to help target better outcomes through improved governance.

Administration and Communication

We deliver defined benefit retirement benefits to your employees so that they can be well-informed and well-equipped to make better decisions. We have streamlined the process for you to be assured that all the components are in place—compliance, service, and resources—to adhere to your needs as well as your employees.

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