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Transportation and Logistics Risk Management

Transportation and Logistics Risk Management

Professionals of the road transportation industry face a host of dynamic risk issues, such as the cost of risk, fleet safety, claims administration, driver hiring/retention, and compliance/regulations. Failure to sufficiently address any of these issues can significantly impact the financial and operational health of a transportation business.

Specialization and knowledge

Aon’s Transportation and Logistics Practice has developed a range of coverage and service solutions designed to address the specific challenges of today’s road transportation industry. We are the leading provider of brokerage services to the nation with a specific focus on the road transportation industry. Our centralized, national Transportation and Logistics Practice is dedicated solely to improving client programs and the cost of risk for motor carriers and additional commercial transportation companies. We specialize in all major segments of the road transportation industry as well as niches, such as last-mile delivery, courier, and livery service fleets.

Solutions backed by experience

Aon specialists can provide transportation companies with complete program analysis, marketing, safety and loss prevention, claims management, and client services. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with the domestic and foreign insurance markets that specialize in the road transportation sector. As a result, we can consistently negotiate risk transfer and insurance placement solutions to offer more value than our competitors. In addition, we have unequaled market leverage through premium volume which allows us to advocate on your behalf to ensure equitable claims resolution.

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