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Casualty Risk Control

Casualty Risk Control

Our casualty risk control professionals focus on the design, implementation and communication of cost-effective compliance and loss-cost reduction programs. We help our clients minimize the costs associated with employee injury, third-party liabilities and product liabilities.


Our casualty risk management experts will assess your risk profile to identify key exposures. We use desk-based, data-based and location-based methods with relevant members of your team to develop critical insights into your organization. Our multi-disciplinary Aon project team is led by a senior consultant who coordinates all of our resources and intellectual capital to your benefit.


Our solutions reduce your total cost of risk, in a variety of ways:  safety culture improvement, ergonomic strategies, health and safety training, auditing, product risk mitigation processes and auto fleet management services. Individually and collectively our solutions help you achieve sustainable excellent results in all casualty risk cost areas.


Our approach ensures the active involvement and support of the stakeholders in your organization — including key financial, operational, human resources, training and other executives and employees with a role to play in delivering results.

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