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Aon Private Client - Unparalleled service, unique coverages & claims advocacy

We work closely with our clients to deliver tailored coverage made to suit unique risk requirements and lifestyle. We fully understand that your personal assets are your passion and require specific protection which can also include individual valuations.

We know the real cost of risk can be personal, as well as financial, which is why we work with you to minimize risk, and prevent loss. We are the industry leader in insurance strategies and claims advocacy. We negotiate specialized asset cover for:

High Value Home

As a specialty broker, Aon has access to a diverse range of comprehensive coverages. Our products offer the flexibility to customize your policy in order to meet your requirements, regardless of property style or living arrangements. We provide tailored options for contents, other structures, and additional living expenses, which assure the security and protection you and your family deserve.

More than a broker, we'll take the time to understand what matters to you, developing a program that goes beyond your home. Whether travelling abroad or displaced from your home due to a claim, we'll make sure that your standard of living is maintained and that your liability protection is there when you need it. Whatever your needs are, you'll find the expertise and professional attention you deserve with Aon Private Client.

Auto & Private Fleet

You depend on your automobile to keep you moving, much like the coverage we provide. Comprehensive car insurance - including protection for regularly used or pleasure vehicles, collector cars, and motorcycles - is made simple in one easy to understand policy.

Along with unparalleled coverage, our extensive knowledge will provide you access to additional discounts and benefits, rewarding you for responsible driving. In the event of a claim, feel confident knowing that your account executive is your advocate. We'll work for you, ensuring you receive the advantages that you deserve. We provide quality coverage, for quality vehicles.

Marine & Aviation

Aon Private Client has access to industry leading marine and aviation insurance policies that provide our clients comprehensive coverage and exceptional claims service, resulting in peace of mind. Whether you own a luxury yacht, private plane, sailboat or personal watercraft, Aon's extended portfolio has a solution to meet your specific needs.

Our preferred products are designed to leave little to interpretation and deliver on the coverage limits and service levels agreed upon. This not only reinforces our commitment to our most responsible clients, but also provides useful guidance and safety measures for you and your family.

Fine Art, Jewellery & Collections

When protecting your most valued possessions, we partner exclusively with market leaders that allow us to provide high quality coverage for the special things in your life. Whether you have jewellery, fine art, collectibles or wine, our extensive coverage protects your valuables from all types of losses, at home, on the move or abroad.

You can select between itemized coverage, insuring individual valuables, or blanket coverage, where you insure the aggregate value of lower priced items within a collection. We'll help you work through the proper coverages and ensure you receive full value should a claim occur. Whatever the possession, and whatever the outcome, we'll protect what's most important to you.

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Personal Umbrella

Aon Private Client's understanding of personal liability protects you from lawsuits filed against you and your family for personal injury and property damage. Excess/umbrella coverage delivers uninterrupted protection over and above the minimum underwriting requirements and liability limits of your homeowners and vehicle policies. Excess coverage takes effect when those limits are exceeded.

The umbrella coverage is essential to a household's financial security, and can provide vital support in the event of a lawsuit. Aon offers broad, competitively priced protection, with limits ranging from $1 million to $25 million and will protect you against claims of personal injury and property damage.

Musical Instrument

Music can evoke joy, sadness and love. After a long day, music can help you relax. It can cause you to tap your foot, clap your hands or get up and dance. If your passion for music has led you to learn how to play an instrument, Aon has a standalone policy designed just for you.

Whether you play the guitar for your own enjoyment, teach high school music, or play trumpet in a symphony orchestra, our policy has been crafted to provide you with comprehensive coverage that travels with you anywhere in the world.

Family Travel & Pet

Aon Private Client offers extensive individual and family travel coverages. We are a leader in providing customized travel insurance and protection programs that range from basic travel necessities including accidents, lost bags and medical protection, to more sophisticated coverages that include kidnap and ransom and security assistance. Our travelers can be confident that whatever their requirement, our offering will leave them protected and secure.

And let's not forget about protecting our extended family members. Pets are an integral part of any family, and we don't like to think of our pets getting sick or injured, but it can happen. With coverage designed by Canadian veterinarians and pet owners, our coverage has completely reimagined the way pet insurance works. Aon works with Pets Plus Us to provide customized insurance coverages that will provide your pet with the protection it deserves.




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