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Affinity Group and Individual Personal Insurance

Aon Affinity Group and Individual Insurance

As your advocate, Aon works for you, not the insurance companies. We’re Canada’s largest insurance broker, and we use our size and influence to your advantage by leveraging our access to the widest range of competitive products and insurance partners.

Affinity group insurance

Aon Affinity group insurance offers you and your members more. As the world’s largest insurance broker and the Canadian leader, Aon provides the members of organizations with greater flexibility and leveraged buying power for property & casualty insurance. Aon Affinity is an excellent way for your group to retain and grow membership while achieving efficient administrative consistency nationwide.

Individual insurance

With the vast number of personal insurance products being offered today, it is impossible for the typical consumer to stay up-to-date on what is available to meet their individual insurance needs. Your Aon personal insurance broker - your trusted advisor - provides the knowledge and experience to obtain the right protection for you, your family and the things you love. We shop the marketplace on your behalf and are here to assist you when you need us.

In Quebec, Aon works with Chubb, Guarantee, and Aviva. We may place 60% or more of our business with one insurer.

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