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Crime and Fraud Insurance

Crime and Fraud Insurance

Even for a small business owner, crime is more than burglary or theft of office equipment. Damage to your business can also come from within through employee dishonesty, or from half the world away through electronic fraud. Aon provides an effective package of crime insurance, fraud insurance and fidelity insurance to guard against risks from all crime-related sources.

Crime and Fraud insurance offers broad coverage for crime-related losses

Electronic fraud is on the rise and, unfortunately, employee dishonesty continues to be a major source of loss to business. And if your office computer is stolen, consider the damage that may result from the loss of its contents: your client list, accounting files or intellectual property. As many commercial property insurance policies do not cover these types of crime-related losses, Crime and Fraud insurance is an important consideration for any business.

The scope of crime and fraud insurance coverage can vary, depending on the risks faced by your particular business, but you'll be able to secure essential protection against:

  • Burglary and robbery
  • Money and securities theft
  • Employee fraud and dishonesty
  • Electronic fraud, fraud, or forgery.

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