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Construction Risk Services Division

Aon’s Construction Services Group

Global roots, local coverage

As your trusted risk advisor and insurance broker, our role is more than just placing and managing your construction insurance and performance security programs. Aon is uniquely positioned to collaborate with contractors of all sizes to aggressively manage costs, enable long-term growth, and create momentum in the marketplace. Without having to leave your current insurance or bonding company, Aon can secure you enhanced coverage, accurate terms and conditions, and an improved rating structure.


A record of accomplishments that speaks for itself:

  • Aon is Canada’s largest construction risk advisor and insurance broker
  • 25% of the construction premium in Canada (no. 1 rank)
  • 20% of the bonding premium in Canada (no. 1 rank)
  • 85% of PPP business in Canada (no. 1 rank)

Core offerings for our clients:

Transactional excellence

Managing your performance security program is a key focus for Aon. In the event of annual renewals, project insurance placements or contract specification reviews, your dedicated account team will guarantee a tailored approach to managing your risk.

Claims preparation and valuation

We recognize that an insurance claim can disrupt a project’s critical path. Our construction specific claims team works diligently to keep your claim on track through effective claims management, including claims advocacy, claims preparation, and pre-loss asset and business interruption valuation.


As the largest provider of construction insurance solutions worldwide, Aon construction experts have access to global diagnostic tools and benchmarking data to assess and reduce our clients’ risks, regardless of size or market share. Our capabilities are unmatched when comparing coverage lines, retentions, limits, rates, and even loss ratios against insurance programs across the country.

Market leverage

Our Construction Services Group remains at the forefront of the industry, holding the largest market share of contractors in Canada. Market leverage is not just the power to reach an agreement, but to obtain an agreement on your own terms. Our global market share allows access to the most favourable rates and increased negotiation power.

Strategic advisory

The construction marketplace within Canada and throughout the world is changing rapidly. There are a multitude of trends emerging that could forever change the face of the construction industry including:

  • New project delivery models
  • Emerging construction and asset management technology
  • Globalization of construction
  • Production construction

Aon’s Construction Services Group uses its concentration of construction business to keep our clients ahead of the curve when it comes to change so they can transform risks into opportunities.

Why choose Aon?

Aon Commercial Risk Solutions is proud to have the largest group of construction brokers in Canada. Our Construction Services Group represents one of Aon’s largest industry specialties in which a network of 140 dedicated construction and infrastructure specialists provide comprehensive construction risk management, insurance, and performance security solutions for project stakeholders. We are proud to empower results for 2,500 valued construction clients in the large, mid, and small markets with cutting-edge risk and performance solutions.

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