Our partnership with U.S. regional P&C insurers is strong–and getting stronger

Aon’s Regional Insurer Group is a firm-wide team of dedicated, skilled advisors brought together to more deeply focus on the unique needs of small and medium size insurance companies. The group is currently focused on U.S. property-casualty insurers with plans to expand globally.

The pace of change is accelerating in all industries, especially for U.S. regional P&C insurers whose opportunities and challenges are multi-faceted—sometimes new, intertwined, and hard to solve:

  • During a period of rapid transformation and disruption in the insurance sector, identifying a distinctive and sustainable strategy is paramount.

  • Talent is harder to recruit, reward, and engage to achieve high performance in a world that is becoming more urban and modern while your workforce ages.

  • Profit is difficult to sustain as the change-rate and cost of analytics, tech infrastructure, workforce structure, and emerging risks impact the efficiency of your expenses, underwriting, losses, and client satisfaction.

  • Growth is challenging to attain in a dynamic world of emerging risks when digitally-scaled national insurers and agile, innovative InsurTechs are targeting the local client and agent base you have served faithfully for years.

  • Aligning your capital strategies to protect your firm and reduce volatility, while simultaneously enabling your growth and profit strategies, is increasingly complex—particularly in this world of alternative capital and a shifting and compressing insurance value chain.

We are locking arms as an Aon United team making it easier for you to access the value we can deliver—integrating our capabilities in ways targeted to solve for the specific needs of regional insurers.

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