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Rapid Response: Disability
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Rapid Response: Disability

Disability: Group Benefits Policy and Practice

Many organizations provide disability benefits to support employees with financial security during a period of disability and subsequent recovery. Employers want to ensure they are supporting their employees in times of need with plans that are sustainable and cost effective.

This Aon survey asked Canadian employers about the disability benefits they are offering to their employees and how those benefits are funded and administered. It also focused a lens on which benefits are provided to disabled employees and for how long. The decision to continue or cease benefits is fraught with consequences if not approached carefully, yet only about half of those surveyed have adopted a formal policy that would clearly communicate their approach and mitigate risk in the event of conflict.

The incidence and duration of disability claims are on the rise and related costs are increasing. Mental well-being claims are having a particularly notable impact. Effective disability management practices, policies, and operating guidelines compliment a competitive program that is valued by employees and supports organizational health and wellness goals.

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