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COVID-19 Business Recovery and Return-to-Work Resources

COVID-19 Business Recovery and Return-to-Work Resources

Canadian organizations face new and complex decisions as they transition to the business recovery phase of the COVID-19 crisis. Requirements differ by region and industry sector, and the possibility of multiple waves of infection needs to be addressed. The resources on this page provide data-driven insights to aid in decision making and planning.

Protect People and Assets

Resources for employers

Canadian COVID-19 Employee Impact Model
Aon’s COVID-19 Employee Impact Model is an interactive web application that predicts anticipated medical costs, absenteeism and other workforce planning impacts due to the spread of the virus.

Guide to COVID-19 Workforce Planning for Canadian Employers
A guide to help employers think through the cost reduction mechanisms and workforce planning implications, including the implementation of temporary layoffs or workforce reductions.

Supporting Employee Health and Wellbeing in a Changing Work Environment
A guide for employers to help employees navigate a new normal and thrive in a changing workplace.

COVID-19 Pulse Survey Report
The results of a recent survey on Setting the Stage for a Return to Work and the New Normal.

Resources for retirement and investment plan management:

Navigating the Investment Landscape Amidst COVID-19 – Canadian Perspective (Webinar replay)
Covers the impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian market.

COVID-19 : Incidences sur les régimes de retraite et solutions pratiques pour les promoteurs - une perspective (Webinar replay in French)
A Quebec perspective on Covid-19 impact on Pension Plans and practical solutions for Sponsors.

Rebalancing - Ignore the Crowd… Follow Your Policy (CA) (Webinar replay)
A retirement and investment-focused whitepaper addressing market uncertainty and the best ways to respond.

Revisit Business Strategy

COVID-19 Update for the Marine Industry
This bulletin provides a COVID-19 update for the marine industry.

COVID-19 Business Recovery Decision-Making Tool Kit
A toolkit focusing on different phases of crisis management and business recovery.
Decision Making in Complex & Volatile Times: Keys to Managing COVID-19

A comprehensive whitepaper that includes information on the hallmarks of success for companies that survive a crisis, a comprehensive COVID-19 Response Framework, and a black swan decision framework for executive leaders.

Aon’s Global COVID-19 Insights and Resources
Aon’s global insights to help business leaders with effective decision making during the pandemic.

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