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The Aon Longevity Model (PDF)
The power of the Aon Longevity Model is the data behind it.

The Aon Datapool Service™ (PDF)
The next generation in longevity modelling.

The Aon Longevity Datapool Service

Drawing on our extensive global longevity expertise and using the power of the Aon Longevity Model, Aon’s Longevity Datapool Service gives plan sponsors access to data analytics on pension plan-specific mortality and benchmarking previously unavailable in Canada.

Membership access to the Aon Longevity Datapool Service allows plan sponsors to proactively manage pension risk, set better assumptions, and accurately budget by:

  • Understanding the best-estimate mortality specific to their plan
  • Benchmarking themselves against other members of the Aon Longevity Datapool Service and standard Canadian mortality tables
  • Understanding the geographical and socio-economic dispersion of their plan membership, including sub-populations
  • For plans that are open to new members, looking for intergenerational equity opportunities to ensure mortality costs are factored accordingly today and in the future
  • Providing the data, information and analysis for sponsors to understand the opportunities and implications related to pension risk settlements (annuity transactions and other risk transfers)

Benefits of Membership

Members of the Aon Longevity Datapool Service benefit from access to deep data groups and analysis that provides plan sponsors with a wealth of information that can be used for effective plan and risk management.

Members’ initial longevity report provides a baseline of the sponsor’s plan and high-level summary of potential financial risk and other impacts as compared to their existing assumptions such as:

  • A clear picture of where your pensioners live in Canada
  • Information on the plan’s own mortality experience (with confidence intervals) and how this compares to standard published mortality tables
  • Information on the socio-economic dispersion that exists within your plan and information on what this means
  • Benchmarking information on where your plan sits relative to other plans within our databases
  • An indication on the liability impact on the pension plan

In addition to a year-over-year update to the longevity report for each plan sponsor, members have access to commentary and other resources on the latest trends and best practices for pensions, longevity, mortality, risk management and investment strategies.