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The next generation in longevity modelling.

Risk Settlement Transfer Solutions

Aon believes that pension plans are often being run with far greater risk than is necessary, and that there is an opportunity to create a more stable pensions environment for plan sponsors.

Longevity risk has traditionally been understated, with projected life expectancy systematically under estimated. Aon is the first firm in Canada who can help you to quantify and explain longevity risk, put into context of wider risks (e.g., investment) and explore opportunities to help you manage this risk.

The longevity risk analysis should be an important step in all risk strategy discussions. Understanding the variability that may exist around the best estimate mortality assumption is critical, as this enables a quantification of the longevity risk.

Aon can help your organization analyze your data within this context and benchmark it against other plans. We can also delve deeper looking at every individual in your plan and determine the longevity assumptions to manage your specific financial risk.

Longevity Hedging

Aon can help plan sponsors to decide whether hedging this risk, in isolation, or alongside financial risk should be a priority. As a global industry leader in the longevity and risk settlement transfer space, we can offer:

  • Quantification of longevity risk
  • Hedging feasibility – through our deep understanding of available pricing
  • Reduction in risk and increased certainty
  • The opportunity to use your risk budget for ‘rewarded risks’

What’s more, for schemes of all sizes, longevity hedging may be more affordable then you expect – please get in touch for more information.

Bulk Annuities

We advise on all or any stages of decommissioning or de-risking liabilities from feasibility through to execution. Some of the areas where we can provide advice include:

  • Full/partial pensioner buy-in
  • Full buy-out and wind-up
  • Feasibility review
  • Second opinion advice
  • Post-transaction monitoring services
  • Planning towards transaction, market price monitoring.