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Trade Credit Insure

Trade Credit Insure

Trade credit insurance or accounts receivable insurance is a solution that indemnifies a seller against losses from non-payment of a commercial trade debt arising from either the bankruptcy or slow payment of a buyer.

Other benefits include:

Empowers Business Growth


  • Promotes growth and maintains controls
    You can increase your sales by offering more competitive repayment terms to your customers. You can also explore new market opportunities and be reassured that you are protected in the event that a bad debt materializes.
  • Supports sales 
    Full buyer portfolio or key account coverage is available to support sales to new, existing, and high margin markets.
  • Mergers & acquisitions support
    Trade credit insure you A/R to reduce discounting of this asset during the transaction.


Enhances working capital


  • Facilitate access to financing
    Trade credit insurance can potentially improve your bank margining, strengthening your working capital. By credit enhancing your accounts receivables with an insurance policy you can often increase your margining against your A/R asset from 75%- 90%.
  • Balance sheet engineering
    You can free up the working capital on your balance sheet by taking advantage of invoice discounting or factoring opportunities.
  • Cost effective security provision
    Credit insurance can act as a cost-effective replacement for expensive letters of credit.


Embeds credit management discipline


  • Buyer & country risk insight
    A trade credit insurance policy allows you gain unbiased insight on the creditworthiness and strengths of your buyers from a professional credit insurer.
  • Reinforces credit management processes
    Supports best practice credit management policies and re-enforces your existing credit procedures.
  • Access to credit risk expertise and analysis
    Underwriters support assessing existing credit limits, requests for credit increases, collection procedures and recovery in the event of a claim.
Embeds credit management discipline


  • Loss Avoidance
    The credit risk analysis of a buyer, sector, political and country risk environment all offer valuable insight that might help avoid a catastrophic loss before it occurs.
  • Protects against non-payment risk
    You can protect yourself from having to dedicate future sales to pay for your bad debt losses.
  • Reduces bad debt provision
    You can reallocate bad debt provisions as working capital with a trade credit policy safety net.


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