The Era of Wellbeing - Key Focus Areas

As part of our Journey to Greatness Thought Leadership Series to celebrate our partnership with Women's Rugby World Cup 2017, Aon brought together a select group of key HR leaders, Aon experts and members of the Irish Women's Rugby Team to discuss the importance of a holistic approach to wellbeing and how this drives elite performance for business and sport.

Discussions between key HR leaders and the high performing Irish Women's Rugby Team found that the similarities in focus were encouraging. This clearly supports Aon's latest research and thinking in the area of wellbeing; taking a holistic approach to wellbeing (physical, financial, emotional and social) empowers leading employers and teams to deliver high performance. It also emerged how approaches vary to engage people and drive behavioural change, but all have a similar focus. Many employers are starting to tap into data, gain insights from this data and use technology to deliver and track wellbeing and associated initiatives.

This white paper expands on this key theme - The Era of Wellbeing - Key Focus Areas tracks the evolution of wellness to wellbeing and how employers that view this holistically can achieve better performance than those who don’t.

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