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Professional Liability

Professional liability is a critical client-facing risk for professional service firms with the potential for severe financial impact and reputational damage. For law firms, accounting firms, consulting firms and design firms, managing and insuring professional liability exposures is a key way to protect their reputation and revenue.

We tailor coverage and create insurance structures around a firm’s specific needs – and across all types of professional liability risk. (Professional liability coverage is also known as professional indemnity insurance and errors & omissions liability insurance – and these terms are often interchangeably used, depending on the context.) We also provide loss prevention and risk management information services to support our clients’ risk management efforts.

Throughout the entire life of the policy, we act as our client's advisor and advocate in all aspects of their coverage and exposure. Our market share and access give us the ability to manuscript policies with the broadest policy terms and conditions. The same market leverage gives us the ability to advocate for our clients in the claims process and obtain the best possible outcome in the resolution of claims.

Our Approach

  • Deep Knowledge

  • Market Access

  • Global Platform

  • Claims Advocacy

  • Loss Prevention

Deep Knowledge

  • Over 75 years providing insurance and risk advice to professional service firms.
  • Ability to tailor solutions around specific needs of clients.
  • Proprietary risk information to facilitate decision-making.