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Actuarial Risk Analysis

Our actuaries work solely with professional service firms and understand their risk modeling and loss forecasting needs. They provide risk pricing and loss reserving in support of captive financing. The actuarial risk modeling can be used to estimate costs associated with different retentions and limits, to help tailor a (re)insurance program to match the loss profile of the professional services firm.

We have provided actuarial services to professional service firms since the early 1990's – and have developed a unique understanding of their risk modeling needs. We help professional service firms evaluate their loss profile using specialized methods and toolsets.

Featured Insight

Actuarial models are powerful tools to assess risk.
But for risk modelling to be most useful it is best to proceed with caution.

Actuarial models can be powerful quantification tools to assist professional service firms in making informed decisions about their insurance risk strategy. The costs associated with alternative insurance program structures (retentions and limits) can be estimated by using actuarial risk modeling, helping to tailor (re)insurance programs to match the loss profile of an individual professional service firm.

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Our Approach

Our team of actuaries is the only one of its kind - dedicated to serving the needs of professional service firms
  • Dedicated experts

  • Risk Knowledge

  • Client Knowledge

Dedicated Experts

Through our specialized historical focus on the professional services industry, we are able to dedicate significant and senior resources to understanding the key risks impacting professional service firms. Having highly experienced team members and qualified actuaries allows us to formulate creative and cutting-edge approaches to evaluating the risks of professional service firms.

Our services include:

  • Prospective loss forecast analysis that can be used to:
    Determine costs associated with different retentions or deductibles and limits
    Tailor insurance program structure to match your loss profile
    Provide reinsurance pricing support
    Assist with captive feasibility analyses
    Determine self-insurance/captive premium funding
  • IBNE loss reserve analysis, including captive loss reserve
  • Certification
  • Benchmarking analyses comparing your loss profile to your industry/segment