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Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Prompts Cyber Fraud

Release Date: March 2023
pdf download Implications for D&O Litigation From Climate-Related Risk

The collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and the banking crisis that has ensued is causing considerable fear, uncertainty and doubt throughout the technology, finance and related sectors. The impact that this has on cyber risk may not be everyone’s first thought, but hackers regard this as a golden opportunity.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt put people in a frame of mind where they are looking, often with urgency, for a solution to a very pressing problem. Hackers craft phishing emails and use social engineering techniques to exploit people’s fears, creating what appear to be messages from trusted sources (banks, financial institutions, brokers) urging the victims to take immediate action.

Cyber Solutions at Aon’s Cyber Risk Related to SVB Collapse offers timely advice on how hackers are planning to use this opportunity and how to recognize, defend against, and respond to these threats.

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Tom Ricketts


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