Strategic Advisory has pioneered HR M&A tools to accelerate our client's speed and impact globally.  These tools are to improve HR's ability to plan and execute transactions via automation and acceleration of project management, organization design, talent selection, synergy capture, total rewards harmonization and change/communications execution.

Our repertoire of tools has been tested in over 1,000 transactions by the most demanding companies globally. More on a few of our most compelling tools are outlined below.

TransAction Manager™


TransAction Manager™ is a web-based platform solution that Aon developed to help our clients plan and execute their most complicated transactions. TransAction Manager™ provides project management, organization mapping and design, talent selection, synergy planning and forecasting and reporting. It facilitates information flow through appropriate layers of leadership/oversight. TransAction Manager™ significantly reduces the time needed to support planning efforts and can achieve synergy capture. TransAction Manager™ is SaaS-based, is globally-scalable, quickly configured and highly secure. Aon's TransAction Manager™ platform includes a robust module that facilitates organization mapping and design, talent selection and synergy planning and execution. This module enables companies to plan and execute large-scale  organizational integration, modeling, talent selection and synergy capture across multiple levels and departments simultaneously within two separate companies. Our clients have used this module prior to transaction close to accelerate organizational integration and synergy capture processes.


Project Management

Org Management




Greater Insight


Aon's Greater Insight platform helps companies quickly inventory and compare the features of benefits plans and HR policies offered to their employees on a global, regional and in-country basis. Greater Insight facilitates the collection, comparison and reporting of benefit and HR policies features and characteristics through a global web-based platform that clients can access, input and generate insights from seamlessly.


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Total Rewards Optimizer


​Aon's total rewards optimization tools use a data-driven set of input – conjoint survey to gather employee value and preference for Total Rewards programs, costing and a cost-benefit analysis of total rewards relative to employee value, and competitive market analysis to help clients understand and define the financial, market and perceived value of their Total Rewards program offerings. 

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Cultural Diagnostics

Culture is often cited as being a leading cause of deal failure. Given cultural integration is an underlying force in deal success, it is critical to intentionally and systematically assess the culture of the target organization, identify potential cultural differences that may erode the value of the deal, and develop clear action plans for integrating and addressing cultural differences.

Aon’s Culture diagnostics blend inputs from both data and in-person observations to build an overall cultural assessment.



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