Transaction Services


  • M&A Readiness & Preparation
  • People and Risk Due Diligence
  • People and Risk Integration Planning and Execution
  • M&A Outsourcing Support
  • People and Risk Divestiture and/or HR Standup


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Total Rewards


  • Global Total Rewards Project Management & Governance
  • External Market Benchmarking & Analysis
  • Employee Preferences & Trade-Off Analysis
  • Total Rewards Harmonization & Optimization
  • Plan Design & Financial Modeling
  • Implementation Planning


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Communication and Employee Experience Strategy


  • Communication and Change Strategy and Planning
  • Audience Research and Stakeholder Interviews
  • Employee Experience Strategy
  • Employment Value Proposition and Branding
  • Messaging and Content
  • Leader, Manager, and Employee Training


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  • Project Management and Reporting
  • Organization Design, Talent Selection and Synergy Capture
  • Total Rewards Optimizer
  • Global Benefits Benchmarking and Analytics
  • Organization Culture Diagnostic


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Aon Strategic Advisory Services

Recent Research:

  • Total Rewards in M&A
  • Total Rewards Study
  • Managing Employee Engagement During Times of Change
  • Four Ways to Create a Winning People Strategy During M&A in the Technology Sector

Prior Research:

  • Cultural Integration in M&A
  • Seizing Talent Acquisition Opportunities in M&A
  • Dealbreakers: Retention, Integration and Culture in M&A
  • Culture, Communications and Change
  • Europe and Asia – Various research articles and white papers

Recent Client Engagements

  • Global Fortune 50 Technology Company: Total Rewards Optimization and Spinoff
  • Insurance Company Acquisition and Integration
  • Global Specialty Chemical and Pharmaceutical Acquisitions and Integrations
  • Telecommunications Industry Acquisition and Integration
  • Joint Venture Between Large US Pharmacy and Technology Firm
  • National Restaurant Company Relocation and Transformation
  • National US Retailer Total Rewards Strategy, Employment Value Proposition and Change Communication
  • Global Pharmaceutical Company: Rewards Communication
  • Global Data Center Provider Communications
  • Steel Manufacturer Employement Value Proposition
  • Global Consumer Products Company Divestiture
  • Beverage Company: Total Rewards
  • Producer and Marketer of Beer, Wine and Spirits: Total Rewards
  • Global Industrial Conglomerate Divestiture Support
  • High Technology Company Salesforce Transformation

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