Actuarial Services

Economic challenges, market volatility, regulatory changes and an aging population are just some of the variety of risks and challenges pension schemes are now facing.

At Aon Hewitt we work hard to create solid foundations for our clients to critically analyse the funding, cost, compliance and risk implications of their pension and employee benefit strategies. Our skilled consultants can help ensure your company's retirement scheme is secure, equitable and sustainable.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients the insight into their pension schemes neccessary in making informed, strategic decisions about scheme options, improvements, innovations and possibilities

The services we provide include:

  • Plan Design and Consulting:

Our team of highly qualified actuaries can accurately analyse economic, legal and social trends in order to help you take a holistic approach to design the most appropriate retirement scheme for your business and your employees.

  • Funding and Alternative Financing Options:

We work closely with our clients in order to understand the key issues, objectives and possible constraint that they might be facing. With years of experience within our team, we have the know how to advise you on the available approaches to finance your retirement scheme, including the use of non-cash options.

  • Accounting Disclosures:

As a top provider of scheme administration our all-embracing, integrated service includes audited controls, tailed educational and communication material and stringent delivery processes to offer a unique service that delivers simple and proven solutions for you and your members. Our proactive and comprehensive advice on assumptions and metholology can assist you in understanding the impact on your Profit / Loss statements and Balance sheet at a local and a global level.

  • Liability Risk Management and Monitoring:

A successful business understands the risks to which it might be exposed and manages these risks on a daily basis. Our actuaries have the experience necessary and are backed by state of the art tools and proven formalised processes needed to manage risk and exposure - helping you take control of even the most demanding challenges

  • Mergers Acquisitions and Disposals:

Whether you are buying, selling, partnering or restructuring, it is critical that the full range of HR risks are identified and managed in a way that secures the right financial benefits for your company. Our ability to work across all employee risks and costs, not just pensions makes us the ideal partner to support you in this area.

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