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2016 November
Aon Hewitt UpdateTarget Benefit Plans Proposed For Federally-Regulated Employers. On October 19, 2016, the federal government announced proposed changes to the federal Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985(PBSA) to permit federally-regulated employers to offer target benefit plans.
In the MediaACPM The Observer: Longevity and Pension Plan Sustainability. In this article, Tom Ault & Troy Milnthorp of Aon Hewitt discuss how longevity risk manifests itself and can be quantified, the traditional ways that pension plans can deal with longevity risk, as well as alternative methods to ensure pension plans remain sustainable.
2015 June
In the mediaDB To TBP Conversions: Confronting the Controversy to Achieve Consent. Benefits & Pensions Monitor examines how two Aon Hewitt Canada clients, Resolute and Regina Police Services, lowered their risk and gained employer cost certainty by converting to a more sustainable Target Benefit model.
  June 12, 2015
Aon Hewitt Update — Information Bulletin: Quebec Bill no. 57 – An Act to amend the Supplemental Pension Plans Act mainly with respect to the funding of defined benefit pension plans
  April 2015
In the media — Article published in Avantages entitled "Investing to ensure the sustainability of target benefit plans" co-authored by Jocelyn Guérin and Tommy Perron from Aon Hewitt's Investment Consulting practice. Please note the article is in French.
  March 4, 2015
In the media — C.D. Howe releases "The Taxation of Single-Employer Target Benefit Plans – Where We Are and Where We Ought To Be" co-authored by Karen Hall and Barry Gros of Aon Hewitt, with lawyers Ian McSweeney and Jana Steele. This report proposes a tax treatment for single employer target benefit plans that is both flexible and practical for the full spectrum of potential target benefits plan designs.
  January 15, 2015
Webcast — What You Need to Know About Target Benefit Plans: Part Two. Communicating clearly with members is important for plan sponsors of any retirement plan. But it is particularly crucial for sponsors of target benefit plans. Find out why communication is so essential to plan success and learn from plans that have effectively communicated target benefits.
  January 9, 2015
Aon Hewitt Guide — Investments for the Target Benefit Plan: Fourth Guide on Efficient strategies to empower pension plan sustainability
2014 November 18, 2014
Webcast — What You Need to Know About Target Benefit Plans. How do you set up a new target benefit plan? Learn about the key elements of Target Benefit Plans, their role in creating sustainable retirement for Canadians and the latest legislation surrounding these plans.
  October 17, 2014
Legislative Update — Alberta section is updated to reflect key changes to the legislation.
  September 30, 2014
In the NewsRegina Police Service vies for pension sustainability: New target retirement income plan a study in collaboration
  September 8, 2014
In the media — The Association of Canadian Pension Management (ACPM) issued a supplemental paper on Target Benefit Plans which cited three papers published by Aon Hewitt.
  August 13, 2014
Legislative Update — Alberta section is updated to reflect key changes to the legislation.
  July 29, 2014
Aon Hewitt Update — Information Bulletin: Alberta Pension Reform is Here
  June 23, 2014
Aon Hewitt Update Aon Hewitt issues Response to the consultation paper issued by the Department of Finance Canada Pension Innovation for Canadians: The Target Benefit Plan (See April 24 update)
  June 12, 2014
In the NewsBalancing Risk: Key Considerations for Target Benefit Plan Governance
  June 4, 2014
Aon Hewitt Press ReleaseNew target benefit pension plan for Regina Police Service shows that collaboration yields results,
says Aon Hewitt
  June 3, 2014
In the NewsChanges to Regina Police Pension Plan
  April 28, 2014
Aon Hewitt Press ReleaseFederal Government Consultation on Target Benefit Plans Highlights Importance of Pension Options for Private-Sector Plan Sponsors
  April 24, 2014
In the News Federal government begins consultations on a potential framework for Target Benefit Plans
  January 21, 2014
Legislative Update: New Brunswick section is updated to expand on key elements of the province’s Shared Risk Pension Plan legislation.
2013 December 22, 2013
Legislative Update: Quebec releases final regulations respecting target benefits for prescribed pension plan sponsors.
  December 11, 2013
In the NewsGuidance on governance options for target benefit plans (Benefits Canada)
  December 12, 2013
Aon Hewitt Guide — Delivering on the target benefit plan: governance and risk alignment
  November 6, 2013
In the NewsCanadian pension plans face further restructuring, survey says; Increased contributions, reduction of benefits among changes expected (Globe and Mail)
  October 1, 2013
In the News A plan to ease the coming pensions crunch; Companies face continued low interest rates and lengthier payouts. (Globe and Mail)
  September 23, 2013
Legislative Update: British Columbia and Alberta legislative pages are updated to reflect a delay in the expected release date of regulations supporting pending legislative reforms those provinces.
  September 9, 2013
Site Launch — Aon Hewitt Target Benefit website is launched to provide interested parties with expert analysis of the target benefit pension plan model, legislative direction and updates, and insight on potential plan design options.
  January/February 2013
In the News Target Benefit Plans: A New Approach to Retirement Income Sustainability (IFEBP Plans & Trusts)
2012 December 2012
In the News — Target benefit plans: The future of sustainable retirement (Benefits and Pensions Monitor)
  December 8, 2012
In the News — Au-delà des prestations cibles (le Soleil)
  November 15, 2012
In the News — Régime à prestations cibles : la troisième voie (Finance et investissement)
  October 1, 2012
Aon Hewitt GuideUnpacking the Target Benefit Plan: Finding the Right Benefit / Funding Balance
  September 4, 2012
In the News The Future of Retirement: Target Benefit Plans? (HRM Online)
  June 26, 2012
In the News — Aon Hewitt lance un guide sur les régimes à prestations cibles (Avantages)
  June 21, 2012
In the News Target Benefit Plans Offer Better Balance (Benefits Canada)
  June 21, 2012
In the News — Régimes de retraite: la prestation cible fait son chemin (La Presse)
  June 20, 2012
Aon Hewitt GuideTarget Benefit Plans: The Future of Sustainable Retirement