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Product Recall & Contamination

Product Recall & Contamination

Aon’s product recall and contamination team combines prevention, planning, risk transfer and response to ensure you can react quickly and effectively in the event of a crisis - protecting the integrity of your brand.

Reputation and brand is built over time and is reliant on consumer trust and loyalty. News spreads rapidly throughout the world, and the growth of social media only compounds the problem. Reports of a contamination or recall incident could destroy customer and shareholder confidence in an instant.

Response aids recovery

Your reaction time is critical to effective incident management and its possible impact on your share price. Organisations that respond quickly to a recall or contamination, take a compassionate and transparent approach and follow robust crisis management plans, can lessen their recovery time significantly.

Pre incident reviews to determine the risks your company faces are vital to limiting damage. Putting appropriate crisis management plans in place before an incident arises means you can reassure stakeholders with a swift and appropriate response.

Aon’s tailor made solutions provide you with the most effective risk transfer programme, offering market leading endorsements and extensions that respond to your particular needs.

Some of the innovative products we have recently created for our clients include:

  • Water resilience insurance – designed for public and private water utilities, this policy includes exclusive triggers that ensure the response can be activated as soon as a contamination is detected
  • Restaurant contamination insurance – specifically designed for franchisors and chains, coverage is weighed heavily against threats towards brand and reputation
  • Automotive recall for component part manufacturers – for both first and third party exposure, coverage can include product guarantee and financial loss
  • Global solutions through a local network

Aon is the only broker with an established, global recall network. With specialist brokers in over 25 countries throughout the world, Aon’s recall experts are able to provide the best solution to our clients from both wholesale and retail insurance markets.

Coupled with wholesale broking hubs in London, Chicago, Bermuda and Singapore, our experienced team has capabilities in all major languages, enabling us to respond to both global, large local, and middle market clients in almost any country worldwide.

Contamination planning and response

Aon has created a network of leading consultancies, working in partnership under the banner ‘RecallResilience’, in order to offer you an integrated solution to manage all your contamination risks.

Encompassing all the elements of a contamination and/or recall incident, RecallResilience includes:

  • Crisis management planning
  • HACCP audits and consulting
  • Incident simulation training
  • Food defense consulting
  • Recall planning design and consulting
  • Counterfeit products investigation
  • Food safety consulting and advanced laboratory testing
  • Product withdrawal and destruction
  • Reverse logistics
  • Crisis communications

Recall resilience provides guaranteed, immediate access to specialist consultants for any contamination incident, anywhere in the world. You are given direct access to Aon’s operations centre – available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The centre coordinates the response, contacting each specialist consultant as relevant, and setting in motion pre-agreed action plans.

The unique coordination of specialist consultants for all product recall needs provides you with a simple, single-point access solution to bring an incident to a successful conclusion.

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