Learn about how our consultants can support your team in managing the benefits provided to your employees around the world.

Global Benefits Governance

Global Benefits Governance ensures that benefits around the world are aligned with business strategy by establishing clear roles and responsibilities at local, regional and global levels for decision making and policy execution.

The 3 key areas of governance development support Aon can provide are…

Strategy and Structure: Advice and support developing global benefits strategy and responsibilities

Alignment and Action: Analysis of local vs. corporate policies, identifying key risks and prioritizing remediation

Ongoing Governance and Monitoring: Regular communication with the key parties involved to monitor issues, ensure completion and identify risks.

International Plans Support (IPS)

International Plan Support provides insights to clients just starting out in the global market. Aon will support your needs by responding to questions, executing on ad hoc projects and providing you access to subject matter experts, helping you manage benefits in each country.

Support can include, but is not limited to:

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

The complexity of mergers and acquisitions demand skilled and dedicated advisors who can identify risks and opportunities. Our team will work with you before, during and after a transaction, to provide support for any corporate change events that may come your way.

The Aon team delivers the full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative advice to assist with transaction valuation and structuring pre-completion and balance sheet protection post-completion - ultimately placing buyers or sellers in a more informed and stronger negotiating position.

M&A preparation
Prepare your team strategy and leverage our team’s experience to create the tools and processes before the next deal happens to ensure a seamless execution

Due diligence
We work with your team to identify HR risks pre-close and developing a solid implementation plan that can ensure success post-close

Post-merger integration
We will work alongside your team to work through all the complexities that come after the close, from developing communication to employees to delivering in-depth design or cost analysis to deliver the value needed to have a successful deal

Greater Insight (GI)

Greater Insight is Aon’s market leading technology platform. An innovative, unique and integrated global benefits management system that not only provides data at the touch of a button, but can also provide benefits information directly to your employees and deliver advanced analytics back to you to drive benefit decisions.

Comprehensive reports provided on demand and include…

  • Financial Information
  • Claims
  • Benefits Attributes

What can Greater Insight help you achieve?

Greater Insight doesn’t just address the needs you have today, but it is poised to deliver on your future needs, providing one integrated approach to managing your benefits globally.

Global Brokerage

Global Brokerage is Aon’s solution to manage the renewal of insured benefits using a well-documented and robust governance process. This includes centralized coordination of insured benefits renewals, with ongoing tracking and reporting.

Our Global Brokerage Center of Excellence was created based on our extensive experience supporting over 200+ clients with their global brokerage strategic objectives:

Simplify: establish clear decision-making processes and procedures

Leverage: generate economies of scale and reduce costs

Governance: align benefit decisions to clear business objectives

Connect: create awareness and appreciate of benefit offerings globally


Wellbeing is a state of balance that consist of having the appropriate resources, opportunities and commitment needed to achieve optimal health and performance for the individual and the organization. Our approach focuses on holistic approaches, addressing not just the physical but also the social, emotional and financial wellness of your employees. Wellbeing to us is about focusing on individual behavior change and changing organizational context around culture and environment.

How Wellbeing Impacts the Organization

One size doesn’t fit all, so our strategy focuses on setting you up for success through:

Discover: Captures what we need to know to identify opportunities, gaps and overall direction

Develop: Builds the framework for a long-¬term strategy and tactical plan that reflects what to achieve and how to improve health and wellbeing

Deliver: The methods and tactics through which the strategy will come alive

Determine: Innovative techniques to measure the impact of wellbeing and identify ways in which to improve