Learn how to optimize your global spend through alternative financial vehicles and leveraging our tools and resources.

Multinational Pooling

Multinational pooling combines locally written insurance contracts under one umbrella, creating opportunities to achieve cost savings as well as better terms and conditions for your employees.

Why Clients use Pools:


  • Potential dividend payable within 12- 18 months after pooling
  • Leverage relationships with pooling network to negotiate lower premium
  • No downside risk to start, exit or terminate a pool
  • Reduced volatility on premium changes


  • Improved local terms and conditions; higher free cover limits, increased flexibility in medical underwriting, and small populations etc.
  • Use of insurers in country linked to preferred network
  • Improved access to local benefits information and standardized reports
  • Leverage size to negotiate better and additional services

Why Networks Offer Pooling Arrangements:

Global Underwriting

Place a global insurance program that views your entire population as one yet delivers through locally compliant coverage in each country. In addition, not only is the program compliant, but it also has the potential for financial savings, better terms and condition and centralized administration. Through Global Underwriting, you can achieve a true global solution for delivering benefits.

Factors to consider:

Geographic Location – global presence where you operate

Population Size – different population size per country

Data Availability – historical information on premiums and claims

Volume – how plan design offerings impact business opportunities

Typical solutions covered:


A captive is an entity established by a multinational company to insure risk for employee benefits. This arrangement keeps cash within the company and allows for more financial control over the cost of benefits.

Aon delivers value to clients by focusing on management control and reducing client total cost and risk. Aon also helps clients identify and quantify the risks by assisting with the selection of the right insurance partner and implementation of the appropriate solutions to control your risks.

Why Use a Captive?

  • Captives allow more control over critical insurance process and increase corporate governance.
  • Large companies may have an incentive to take on more risk
  • Reserves are held by the captive rather than by an insurance company
  • More control over medical plan pricing & access to healthcare networks
  • Better coordination of stakeholders (finance, insurance, HR, and legal)