In today’s complex and compliance-driven environment, effectively implementing and managing globally mobile employee benefit plans is key to achieving successful business outcomes.

What is a Globally Mobile Employee?

Globally Mobile Employees (GMEs) are employees sent to work in a country that is not their home, typically to oversee, develop or support a key business market. Benefit strategy varies by length and type of assignment.

Common Terms Used: GMEs can go by a variety of names, depending on role, location, and duration of stay. Expatriate, Inpatriate, Third Country National, International Business Traveler, Global Nomad, Career Expat, Rotator, Commuter, Permanent transfer, Globally Mobile Employees, International Assignee.

Duration of Assignment: GME assignment lengths can vary significantly. Employees may be roaming around on short term business travel or assignment or they may sit in one place for a number of years.

Our Center of Excellence.

Aon has brought together specialists from various disciplines to assist multinational organizations in the development, deployment and management of pay, reward and employee benefit programs for mobile employees.

Aon specialists provide high quality, independent and innovative consultancy services within the international medical insurance market. Supported by the Center of Excellence, our team of benefit experts has an unparalleled experience in delivering medical solutions for global clients.

Our experts also operate all over the world through centers of excellence located in:

What are the Challenges?

Away from Home

  • Uncertainty and unknown
  • Infrastructure may not be as developed as home
  • Family considerations
  • Higher level of support

High Cost

  • Inflationary pressure due to medical trend
  • More generous benefits with fewer cost-sharing elements
  • Higher cost to the business
  • No social security

Key Employees

  • Need to attract and retain this key talent
  • Disparate workforce with differing needs
  • Often highly skilled, highly valued employees

High Risk Exposure

  • Remote locations
  • Dangerous locations
  • Complex regulatory environment
  • Increased security threats
  • No or limited access to local care
How we can help.

Supported by our local unmatched global network, our international consultants work with companies to...

  • Design and develop mobile employee strategy and philosophy across pay & compensation, retirement, risk and medical benefits
  • Design, develop and implement global / local retirement and benefit plans to deliver the agreed strategy
  • Manage GME benefit costs and provide centralized management reporting
  • Identify, manage and limit risks associated with mobile employees
  • Ensure good governance and compliance with tax, pensions and other local legislative requirements
  • Communicate with mobile employees and other stakeholders to ensure the value of implemented benefits are understood and appreciated